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Out Now: From Crying Baby to Contented Baby

Published by Vermillion in March 2010, From Crying Baby to Contented Baby (£6.99 pbk).

Published in a smaller format, From Crying Baby to Contented Baby will address the emotive topic of crying babies. Gina will help parents recognise the triggers that cause a baby to cry and show parents how best to comfort and settle their babies.







Praise for Gina

"I devoured it (The Contented Little Baby Book) in one sitting. It was hilarious. The claim that a baby of five months could be trained to sleep from 7am to 7pm made me laugh out loud. Little did I realise that this was the start of my conversion to the gospel according to St Gina. That Gina Ford would soon acquire an almost divine status in my life... I look back on my BGE (Before Gina Era) and think of how many of my babies have cried and cried as I ever more desperately struggled to get them to sleep... My only regret, of course, is that Gina did not write her book years ago, when my older children were born. I look in the mirror and wonder what a difference that would have made to the bags under my eyes. If motherhood had always been as easy as it seems this time, I might not have had five children - but 10."
Martine Oborne, Evening Standard
"... for me she was an absolute godsend"
Kate Winslet, Baby & You
"Gina Ford is the Delia Smith of parenting... while Delia tells you how to make the perfect omelette, Gina Ford in her baby-care manual The Contented Little Baby Book, draws on 30 years' experience to tell you how to nurture the perfectly happy baby."
YOU Magazine
"When I first read Gina's book it seemed utterly alien, like a battle plan... But make no mistake: when our first child arrived and anarchy descended, Gina's battle plan was a relief... Gina Ford has been successful because her Contented Little Baby Book is clear, unambiguous, and explicitly on the mother's side."
Camilla Cavendish, The Times


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