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Nick Clegg attacks Gina Ford

The Sunday Times, 10th January 2010

Daddy knows best, Nick Clegg tells Gina Ford

On the 10th January 2010, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg went on record in The Sunday Times newspaper to criticise The Contented Little Baby routines, likening them to "following a sort of Ikea assembly instruction manual" and claiming that Gina's instructions are similar to "sticking babies in broom cupboards". Clegg went as far as dismissing the routines as "absolute nonsense".

The Times, 12th January 2010

Who gets your vote in the baby debate: Clegg or Ford?

The Times followed this (on the 12th January 2010) with an interesting article discussing, what the reporter sees as, the trigger for "Calamity Clegg's" comments. It investigates the substance behind so-called "maternal instinct" and calls for women to be given more support in the early weeks of parenting.

The Times, 12th January 2010

I was a terrified new mum and I needed help

Also on the 12th Jan 2010, Bridget Harrison (also writing for The Times) admitted, "I was a terrified new mum and needed help". Bridget writes a frank article describing her shock at finding herself a new mum in charge of a helpless infant, and the comfort that she found in The Contented Little Baby Book.

The Independent, 12th January 2010

The great Gina Ford debate

The Independent (12th Jan 2010), for their part, presented a fairly well-balanced article on the discussion. Although the writer wrongly claims that The Contented Baby method means that "Ford also advises parents to sometimes leave their baby crying for up to an hour", the article also shows examples of how two families chose to raise their babies. One, a Gina Ford devotee and the other, more suited to the Attachment Parenting method, describe what works for them. The articles point? Each to their own!

Daily Express, 12th January 2010

Parenting guru who has upset Nick Clegg

Vanessa Feltz had her say in the Daily Express (12th Jan 2010), commenting on the strength of support for Gina Ford from followers of her books. It includes a quote from Clegg who called into Vanessa's Radio Two show to say that "my informal comments weren't in any way a personal attack on Gina Ford". Although the article also points out that, by publically criticising the methods outlined in Contented Baby, Clegg has "insulted the parenting choice of more than two million voters".

Mail Online, 15th January 2010

Down with the nursery fascists! Nick Clegg was bang on target when he attacked baby guru Gina Ford, says Anne Diamond.

Anne Diamond casts a critical eye over all parenting books (15th Jan 2010)., 17th January 2010

Nick Clegg versus Gina Ford

The Sunday Times, 31st January 2010

Parenting guru Gina Ford to put party leaders in naughty corner News Blog, 1st February 2010

Gina Ford ready to put party leaders on the naughty step


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