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Gina Ford's Top Tips

  • What to do about fussy eating by Gina Ford and Paul Sacher : This feature contains some tips Gina compiled along with a specialist dietician at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Paul Sacher.
  • Healthy Snacking by Gina Ford: We're taking a look at healthy snacking with advice from an expert dietician from Great Ormond Street Hospital, Paul Sacher. This is taken from 'The Contented Child's Food Bible' and considers snacking habits along with suggestions for healthy snacks.
  • Lunchboxes Made Easy by Gina Ford: If packing your child off to school involves packing a daily lunchbox, then this extract from Gina's book Feeding Made Easy will give you a few suggestions.
  • Top Tips - How to bottle-feed successfully: These tips will be handy for anyone who is bottle-feeding whatever stage you may be at.
  • Top Tips - Dealing with wind: Gina's top tips for dealing with wind for both bottle-fed and breast-fed babies.
  • Top Tips for Successful Breastfeeding by Gina Ford: New mothers don't always get the help they need when trying to establish breast-feeding, so we hope that Gina's top tips will give some pointers to anyone who is struggling with feeding.
  • Gina's top tips - preparing to introduce solids and the first stage of weaning: Gina offers some advice on how to deal with weaning. We hope that this feature may be of real benefit to anyone who is struggling
  • Menu planners for baby and toddler from The Contented Baby with Toddler Book: These menu planners are taken from The Contented Baby with Toddler book. We hope these planners will be a help for those of you dealing with weaning a baby as well providing your toddler with tasty, nutritious meals.
  • Gina's top tips for fussy feeding in the first year by Gina Ford: This is the first article in Gina's top tip series.Where Gina takes a look at fussy eating in the first year with some insights into what can cause the problem and how to deal with it.
  • Practically Perfect Picnics by Gina Ford: Gina offers us this excerpt from Feeding Made Easy with some lovely picnic ideas.

Fiona Hinton, Dietician and Nutritionist

  • Q & A about Nutrition - July/August 2010 Fiona Hinton is with us, answering some of your questions on identifying cow's milk allergy, on replacement "plant milks" and on when you can introduce pork, sausages, bacon and seafood into a toddler's diet.
  • Q & A about Nutrition - April 2010 by Fiona Hinton: Expert dietician Fiona Hinton gives advice on allergies and intolerances, vitamin drops and whether they are really worthwhile and the maximum recommended salt intake for our children and how to monitor it.
  • Q & A about Nutrition - October 2009 by Fiona Hinton: Expert dietician Fiona Hinton gives advice on nutritional issues raised by members. She considers the use of fish oil supplements, fruit juice concentrates in snacks and gives the low down on sausages.
  • Q & A about Nutrition - February 2009 by Fiona Hinton: Fiona answers questions on milk intake, weaning and explains all about carotenes and vitamin A.
  • Q & A about Nutrition - December 2008 by Fiona Hinton, Dietician and Nutritionist: Fiona, consultant dietitian and nutritionist, gives some valuable advice on olives, breakfast alternatives and fussy feeding.
  • Q & A about Nutrition - October 2008 by Fiona Hinton, Dietician and Nutritionist: Fiona gives her expert views on suitable drinks for toddlers, sandwich fillings and finding the right milk for your little ones when you're away from home.
  • Nutrition Q&A by Fiona Hinton: Anyone with questions on nutrition can turn to Fiona Hinton for advice. This month Fiona tackles questions on toddler milk, omega-3 fats and textures in homemade food versus ready-made meals
  • Your Questions about Milk and Convenience foods by Fiona Hinton: Fiona Hinton, consultant Dietician and Nutritionist answers questions on follow-on milk, when to introduce cow's milk and the use of convenience foods.
  • Q & A by Fiona Hinton: Our third main feature this month is by Fiona Hinton, Consultant Dietician and Nutritionist. Fiona answers three of your questions on formula milk, toddler eating patterns and milk equivalents. Fiona's approach is practical and user-friendly; so do take a look at her sound advice on these common issues.
  • Your Nutrition Questions Answered by Fiona Hinton: Also on the site this month is a first feature from Fiona Hinton, who is a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist. We have noticed a number of questions on the boards about your children's diet and nutrition, and we know that this is an area of interest to many of you. In response, Fiona has cast her professional eye over three of your queries and answered them in her feature.

Vardit Kohn, Natural Nutritionist

  • Soy - to Eat or Not to Eat? By Vardit Kohn: Natural nutritionist Vardit Kohn, has written about incorporating soy into the diet and how to use it in a healthy way.
  • Glycaemic Index foods: Choosing wisely to feed your family by Vardit Kohn: Vardit looks at how to use GI foods in your family diet.
  • Additives - What's What? By Vardit Kohn: Our nutritionist, Vardit Kohn, has put together an informative and useful piece outlining the basics you need to know about additives and colourings.
  • Making Meals Matter By Vardit Kohn: Nutritionist Vardit Kohn has written this insightful piece on the importance and benefits of sitting down to eat together, including some great tips on how to make this a relaxed, stress-free occasion for everyone, including the cook!


  • Delia's Christmas: Food is a big part of what makes Christmas so special, and Delia Smith gives advice on planning for Christmas and seasonal cooking .
  • Grown in Britain Book: Our extracts from 'Grown in Britain' explain what food is in season this month and what to look for when you are buying it.
  • Organic Milk for Life by OMSCo: Linked to the issue of healthy food, Omega 3 enhanced foods have been much in the news recently and a number of you have expressed an interest in finding out more. In response to this, we approached the Organic Milk Supplier Cooperative (OMSCo) for information and they kindly agreed to write a feature for us this month. Find out more about this interesting topic under 'Organic Milk for Life'.
  • Top breast-feeding tips: To celebrate National Breast-feeding Awareness week, we have put together a special feature with answers to some of the most common questions about feeding from Clare Byam-Cook, a leading expert in the field, who has given her advice to Contented Baby members.
  • Could your milk save someone else's baby?: We've taken a look at breast milk banks, and have answers to some of the most common questions about donating milk.
  • Make your own Valentine's Day Chocolates: There's nothing like a home-made gift for showing someone how much you care. Take a look at our delicious chocolate recipe!
  • My Weaning Journey - From First Tastes to Family Meals By Laura Simmons: Laura has written a useful article about her journey through the weaning process.
  • From Bottles to Beakers by Laura Simmons: It can be hard for parents to keep up with little ones, and to realise when it is time to institute new routines or actions, such as the switch from bottle to beaker. This extremely helpful feature outlines how one of our members, Laura, made the change.
  • The Importance of a Healthy Diet Whilst Breastfeeding by Lucinda Miller: A healthy diet is always important, and is even more vital if you are breastfeeding. This feature answers the many questions on new mums' minds, such as how much should one eat, ways to boost the milk supply and what one ought to avoid.
  • Salt and Our Children by Laura Simmons: Laura, one of our long-standing members, has examined exactly how much hidden salt there is in the everyday foods we feed our children.
  • December Recipes: These delicious recipes include three very easy meals and a couple of more indulgent ideas, which are all perfect for when time is short and everyone needs something to eat.
  • Vegan Recipes by Kim Busby: Kim shares some of her favourite Vegan recipes with us - that can also be enjoyed by those trying to omit dairy from their diet.
  • Going dairy-free for my baby By Kim Busby: Kim has written an interesting account of her change in diet following the recent birth of her son, Kai. In this article she also gives us some food ideas for a dairy-free diet.
  • Postscript to Breastfeeding: Second Time Around By Christina Hopkinson : This piece should provide much encouragement for those parents expecting their second child as Christina has added a final paragraph to her article about breastfeeding the second time around, having found that the reality of second-time breastfeeding has gone more smoothly than expected.
  • Q & A about Food by Audrey Dunne : Chef Audrey Dunne answers your questions concerning food and preparing meals.
  • Failure To Feed by Christina Hopkinson: Christina is a freelance features writer and in this article, she describes the agony they went through with their newborn baby, when breastfeeding went badly wrong.
  • Breastfeeding: Second Time Around by Christina Hopkinson: Knowing how much time is spent breastfeeding with a new baby, Christina gives us plenty of advice on how to entertain your toddler whilst breastfeeding your baby.
  • Top Tips for a Merry Christmas in the kitchen by Sarah Whitaker: Sarah is one of the small group of approved Aga-Rayburn demonstrators, and has put together Ten Top Tips for a Merry Christmas in the kitchen.
  • Extract from the CLB Book of Weaning : This is an extract from the revised edition of ‘The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning’, Published 6th April 2006
  • Successful Breastfeeding by Abigail Pope: Abigail, a valued member of our Community, describes her different breastfeeding experiences with each of her babies, how she got it right the second time around and how, with the right advice and support, there can be light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Breast-feeding: Common Questions and Answers by Clare Byam-Cook: As breast-feeding is not always easy or possible - even the second time around - Clare Byam-Cook, our resident breast-feeding expert, has written up some of the most common questions and answers that she has to deal with.
  • Breastfeeding your second baby by Clare Byam-Cook: Clare gives welcome reassurance that breastfeeding a second baby is totally manageable and offers valuable tips on how to achieve this, while still coping with the changing needs of your first child.
  • Breast Feeding – An Introduction by Clare Byam-Cook: Clare Byam-Cook is a specialist breastfeeding counsellor and author. In this introductory article, she discusses breastfeeding within a routine.
  • Weaning Guidelines by Gina Ford: This is an extract from the newly revised edition of ‘The CLB Book of Weaning’.
  • Feeding Questions and Answers by Paul Sacher: Paul Sacher, a specialist dietician at Great Ormond Street Hospital answers some questions about growth, fussy eating and hunger in young infants.
  • Feeding with Love by Alison Spencer: Alison describes the heartache she went through when her new baby failed to gain weight while breastfeeding.
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances in Children by Sarah Purcell: Sarah gives us some valuable advice concerning common food allergies and their diagnosis.

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