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Health Features

Allergies,Eczema and Asthma

  • Hayfever: Some children start suffering with hay fever when they are still young, and it can be distressing and debilitating. Recognising the symptoms and knowing how to prevent exposure to the risks can make all the difference.
  • Could it be Asthma? by Sarah Purcell: This article serves to highlight what asthma is and how it is caused, as well as giving advice on how to recognise it and how to treat asthma attacks if they occur.
  • The Best Ways to Sooth Eczema by Sarah Purcell : Sarah offers parents excellent information on eczema medications and some very useful tips on keeping it under control.

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Dental Health

  • Could a healthy diet put your child at risk of tooth decay? by Kate Brian: Kate looks at tooth decay. You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to children's teeth, some of the snacks we think of as healthy could do more damage than chocolate.
  • Our Teeth and Dental Decay by Mamta Shah: Mamta, BDS MFDS, explains what tooth decay is and how best to avoid it.
  • Keeping Smiles White by Sarah Purcell: Having spoken to members of the dental profession, Sarah gives advice on when to start brushing, the causes of erosion and decay, foods to avoid and the order in which your children’s teeth will appear. Getting into a good dental routine with your child now could save many problems in the future.

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Family Health

  • Swine Flu and your family: : We have put together a special feature on the swine flu pandemic. We explain the symptoms and what to look out for, and also give details of how to find out all the latest news and information.
  • Breast cancer- a family affair by Briony Jenkins: Briony has written about her experiences of living with breast cancer. Briony explains openly and honestly how the family coped with her diagnosis, and how those around her pulled together to help her get through her treatment.
  • The Wheels on the Rotavirus go round and round by Mindy Cockeram: Rotavirus is a common cause of diarrhoea and vomiting in babies and small children. Mindy explains what happened when her daughter became ill with this and how to prevent it spreading to the rest of your family.

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Seasonal Health

  • Have a healthy summer by Sarah Purcell: Sarah looks at the various hazards of summer, in particular sun damage, and gives some very sound advice to help ensure that your summer is problem-free.
  • Safety tips for Christmas by Frances Howard-Brown: Frances, with her vast experience as a nanny, has written this feature especially for Christmas, which looks at the additional hazards at this time of year for young children, many of which may not have occurred to you.
  • Winter Survival Guide by Sarah Purcell: Winter can signal the start of one long round of colds, coughs and sleepless nights, which often results in parents falling ill too. Sarah has lots of advice to help your little one get through the cold and cough season.

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Nursery and School

  • Things you don't want your toddler to bring home: Unfortunately, many children do bring home nits, head lice or other such problems from nursery, playgroup or primary school, and we have some tips on how to identify them and what to do.
  • Nursery Nasties by Sarah Purcell: Sarah discusses all the illnesses that children may bring home from nursery. Learn to recognise common symptoms and what action to take.
  • Too Sick for Nursery? By Sarah Purcell: Sarah’s article will tell you exactly when you must keep your children at home and when it is appropriate to send them in, including information on when and for how long nurseries will exclude recuperating children.

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First Aid

  • Baby and Toddler First Aid: Jo Waters, a freelance writer specialising in health, has put together an excellent summary of advice for coping with a wide variety of emergencies from febrile convulsions to anaphylactic reactions.
  • First Aid: Many minor accidents do occur at home, and it is important to know what to do if your child is hurt. The Head of First Aid at the British Red Cross talks about basic first aid skills.

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Alternative Treatments

  • 1001 Natural Remedies by Laurel Vukovic : We're featuring a few sections from Laurel's book that we thought you might find helpful with natural remedies for common complaints such as headaches.
  • Homeopathic remedies by Sarah Purcell: Homeopathic remedies have proved to be popular with parents over the years, and Sarah's feature looks at some of the remedies often suggested for young children.

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Holidays & Travel

  • Travel sickness - prevention and treatment: Although most children do grow out of it eventually, travel sickness is an extremely common problem. We've put together some tips on ways that you may be able to prevent sickness in this very useful feature.
  • Healthy Travel abroad by Jo Larkin: Here is some excellent health advice from Dr Joanna Larkin on how to enjoy healthy travel abroad with young children. Dr Larkin advises on reciprocal health arrangements between countries, vaccinations and what medicines to take with you, amongst other things.

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  • Cradle cap is a very common condition, affecting many young babies in their first few months. Kate Brian's feature answers questions about the causes of cradle cap, and looks at some suggested remedies.
  • Ten warning signs you should never ignore. It's always worrying when a baby seems unwell, but parents often find it difficult to assess whether their baby is just a little off colour or whether they should be calling a doctor right away. Sarah Purcell lists the warning signs to help alert you to potentially dangerous symptoms.
  • Basic safety rules for fires and stoves from Max Davies, fireplace expert provides advice that can keep your children safe whilst you all enjoy the warmth.
  • Croup often occurs during the winter months and can be very frightening for parents. Sarah Purcell looks at how to identify croup and what to do if your baby has an attack.

  • The diet guide. Many of us have after one too many mince pies over Christmas and our New Year's Resolution is to try to lose some weight, and with that in mind we've put together The Quick Diet Guide. It covers some of the rapid weight-loss diets you may come across, from the cabbage soup to the grapefruit diet, and looks at the pros and cons of each of them.
  • The 15 minute calorie burn workout is ideal for anyone who doesn't have time to spend hours in the gym as it gives exercises you can do at home in just fifteen minutes, allowing you to get back in shape without dramatically altering your daily routine. The idea is to give maximum results in minimal time
  • Baby teeth and teething by Gina Ford: Babies tend to get irritable when they're teething, so here are some of Gina's suggestions to help with this.
  • Baby Massage and Baby Yoga By Laura Hinde: Laura explains what happens in a baby massage or baby yoga class, and looks at the benefits for your baby.

  • 50 Fantastic Pregnancy Facts by Briony Jenkins: Briony has discovered many intriguing and little-known facts about pregnancy that should provide you with food for thought.
  • Looking after your pelvic floor: Although women are often told to do pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth, it isn't always clear why this is so important and our feature gives some helpful explanations.
  • Fertility Forest by Susan Seenan: Susan Seenan's feature looks at this special area of woodland where people can dedicate trees, either to

    commemorate a pregnancy loss or to celebrate a long-awaited arrival.

  • Top Tips for Successful Weight Loss: We have compiled some weight-loss tips which may inspire any of you who need a bit of motivation and encouragement with this.
  • Bronchiolitis By Sarah Purcell: Sarah Purcell explains how to identify signs of the illness, and what to do about it. Although it is often fairly mild and most babies make a quick recovery, it can become more serious and knowing how to recognise the symptoms is important.
  • Would you recognise Meningitis? by Sarah Purcell: It is vital for parents to be aware of this disease and able to recognise the warning signs. Sarah's article puts all the facts in a row.
  • Does your Child Really Need Antibiotics? By Sarah Purcell: In this article Sarah explains why antibiotics are not always the answer. She provides

    information on how to use them safely and correctly, and also gives suggestions of ways to treat some illnesses without the need for antibiotics.

  • The Importance of a Healthy Diet Whilst Breastfeeding by Lucinda Miller: A healthy diet is always important, and is even more vital if you are breastfeeding. This feature answers the many questions on new mums' minds, such as how much should one eat, ways to boost the milk supply and what one ought to avoid.
  • Understanding Glue Ear by Sarah Purcell: Sarah Purcell takes a look at this common problem, explaining what it is, how to recognise it and ways to treat it.
  • Preparing for a Second (or Third) Pregnancy by Vardit Kohn: In this article, Vardit looks at the ways in which you can maximise your health when you are planning another child.
  • Exercise for Mummies by Fiona Campbell: After the birth of a baby it can be hard to find time to exercise. Fiona has lots of advice and shares her story of how she fitted exercise into her life.
  • Christmas Home Safety: Here are a few reminders to help make sure everyone has a safe Christmas at home.
  • When the Baby Blues Won't Go Away By Catherine Payne: Our Relate counsellor Catherine Payne has written this very helpful article, looking at how and why relationships can be affected by PND. It should be extremely useful to anyone who has experience of PND themselves or for those trying to help friends through this difficult time.
  • Summer Baby Health Guide By Sarah Purcell: Sarah provides us with lots of essential information on coping with hot weather with babies and toddlers.
  • Secondary Infertility – When Having a Second Baby isn’t Easy by Kate Brian: A new contributor to, Kate looks at the issues surrounding secondary infertility and suggests ways in which you can improve your chances of achieving a
  • Coping with Chickenpox by Sarah Purcell: Chickenpox is a common childhood illness that most children will get at some point, so it is important to be prepared for the time when your own little one gets those itchy spots. Sarah's article highlights all the important things to consider when caring for your child with chickenpox.
  • Coping with Croup by Sarah Purcell: Our health expert, Sarah Purcell, offers a wealth of advice on how to identify croup and how to care for a child suffering from it.
  • Your Questions on Vaccinations Answered by Sarah Purcell: Our health expert Sarah Purcell answers questions about the new policy for immunising babies.
  • Secret Shame by Briony Jenkins: Antenatal Depression (A.N.D) is a much less well-publicised, but equally crippling kind of depression. This article gives a timely airing to an important subject.
  • Baby snuffles and wheezes by Jo Waters: As breathing difficulties can be extremely worrying in young babies, this informative feature includes information on colds, flu and bronchiolitis and will hopefully be helpful to you.
  • How Silent Reflux went Undiagnosed by Ali Kittermaster: Ali describes the heartache she went through when her baby son’s reflux was not recognized until he was six weeks old.

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