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Netmums changes the lives of mothers in the real world

If what we read in the media is true, that it will be the cyber-mummies who decide our next political leader, then our party leaders should perhaps expand their horizons and check out some of the biggest parenting websites on the net.

Netmums is one of the biggest independent websites in the UK, with over 730,000 registered members and 1.2 million unique users each month. For details of some of their fantastic campaign work, check out their website and read about their latest survey.

Two of their books, Toddling to Ten and How to be a Happy Mum, have been phenomenally successful, featuring in the top thirty best sellers out of the thousands of childcare books on the market.


The  top ten websites according to comScone

1. Disney online

2. Glam Family

3. Baby Center


5. Nicelodeon Family & parents




9. FamilyEducation Network


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