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Book review: Daddy's Little Princess by Cathy Glass

Cathy Glass's latest book is another page-turner which you'll find hard to put down. Cathy has written nineteen books, many of them based on her twenty-five years as a foster carer, and Daddy's Little Princess is the story of Beth, who came to stay with Cathy when she was at the very start of her fostering career.

Thrown into the deep end of a situation which clearly cries out for professional support and advice, Cathy is left to follow her instincts when it comes to questions about Beth's relationship with her father - and as to how best to support a child who is clearly confused about her own role within her family. At times this makes for uncomfortable reading, but it's a compelling tale where things aren't always quite as they first appear.

A parallel story of the problems within Cathy's own family also emerges during the book, and as a reader you are left urging Cathy to question why her husband is working such long hours and why he has such frequent absences from home. In a book peopled with vivid characters, he is an almost shadowy figure on the sidelines.

Daddy's Little Princess is a moving story of a damaged father-daughter relationship, and of a dedicated carer struggling to do her best to help.

Daddy's Little Princess is published by HarperCollins at £7.99


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