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Understanding the Contented Little Baby routines

On this page you will find some questions about the CONTENTED LITTLE BABY principles, based around Gina's books. They are a summary of the questions many people have when they start using Gina's methods for the first time. If you are a new or expectant parent, or simply want to know what Gina's methods are all about, these questions may be of interest to you.

The site also has an FAQ section based on questions put by members to the Contented Baby Team. These Members Only questions can be searched from here.


If you are struggling with a problem not covered in the books, go to the relevant page, Sleeping, Feeding or Development. Your question may well already have been answered.  If you cannot find it there, you can follow the links to ask the experts. There will be a form to fill in with details of your problem that will help Gina and the experts find the solution.
    Please note that not all questions can be individually answered.  Questions representative of the most frequently asked will be posted on the appropriate page.  You can see the newest questions on What's New On

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