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Feeding FAQ: 6-9 months

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Breast Feeding

6. My eight–month–old daughter is still breast–feeding, and I have heard that babies can get low in vitamin D. Why is this is a problem for breast–fed babies but not those on formula? What should I do about it?
Fiona Hinton Response

I wrote to you about a month ago and thank you for your advice, especially as it was just before Christmas. I have implemented everything you suggested but my daughter is still waking several times a night. Some days she eats her solids really well, other days she has almost nothing. In the last month she has gained 3 oz each week which is quite good for her. Are her night wakings habit rather than hunger now? I am trying to do the 'core night' and have got Gina's sleep book, but several times she will just cry for two or three hours (despite me offering water, cuddles etc) until the time of her next usual night feed and, desperate for the crying to stop, I then do feed her at the time of her second night feed. I am sure this is not helping but I don't know how cut out a feed. If I do manage to get her to go back to sleep without feeding her, she will often wake up an hour or two later and the crying starts all over again. Her night time crying is affecting my husband's concentration at work (he is a pilot) which can't continue for safety's sake. We are absolutely desperate. Also, having worked really hard at the lunchtime nap, in the last month she has backtracked and now wakes after 45 minutes every day. I can usually get her re settled without feeding her, but she can't seem to resettle herself. Please can you advise me how to get my daughter out of her bad habits? Or do you think we need to consult a sleep clinic? The times of her night sleep below are based on when she won't resettle if I drop a feed which is what she has done in the last week.

My daughter is breast fed and receives formula in her food. Her feeding times are 7.30am 5minutes, 11.15am I offer her a breast feed after a poor lunch, she has 5/10 minutes, 2.30pm 10 minutes, 6.45pm 10/15minutes, 10.30pm 5 minutes, 2am 5minutes.

She takes three teaspoons of cereal with milk and fruit for breakfast. On a good day at lunch she takes 5 cubes of chicken casserole and half a baby yoghurt. On bad day she will only take a few mouthfuls. For tea my daughter takes 3 cubes of potato and vegetables with cheese and a few sips of water.  She weighs 15lbs 3ozs.

My daughter naps at 9.30-10am, 12-12.45pm, 1-1.45pm and 4.30-4.45pm. She settles at 7.30pm.
Team Response



I'm not sure if my 8 1/2 month old gets enough milk at the 10.00pm feed. We would like my husband to give him some formula from a bottle but every bottle we have tried has been unsuccessful and he won't take hardly any. It’s not too bad if we take the lid off and let him drink straight from the bottle but even then it's still only about 2oz.

He presently is fully breast fed taking 5-10mins at each feed throughout the day and night. He feeds at 7am, 10am, 2pm, 6.30pm, 10.30pm, 2am and 4am.

8.30am Breakfast; 1/2 weetabix, fingers of toast. 12.30pm 1/2 jar savoury and 1/2 yoghurt. 5pm 1/2 jar savoury, fruit puree. My son weighs 17lbs 11ozs.

He naps at 9-9.45am and 12.30-2.30pm. He settles at 7pm.
Team Response



My son sleeps and eats very well, following Gina’s routines to the letter.
He has recently started refusing his 2.30pm bottle, (which is the only bottle he has) this feed I dropped two weeks ago.

He has a breastfeed in the morning and then again at night. It’s the morning breastfeed I want to drop but he will not take formula from a cup.

My son drinks juice and water from a cup and has done for the last 4mths.

I have tried lots of different cups but always met with the same response, YUK!

I wondered if it is the formula he is rejecting so I have tried different brands, Cow and Gate organic and SMA which all been rejected, so I am back to breastfeeding, to my boobie boys delight!

We want to start trying for contented baby number three, and I need to stop breast feeding first.

At present my son takes 30mins on the breast at 7.30am, eats three good meals a day and has light snacks in the day. He takes a further 30mins at 6.30pm.

He naps at 9.30-10am and 12.45-2.30pm.
Team Response



Katie is eight months old and I have been using the routines since she was born. I am still breastfeeding but am going away for six days at the end of March. She has been breastfed exclusively and but she did take the bottle while we were feeding her at 10pm with expressed milk, although that stopped when she was 15 weeks old. I have a month to wean her off my boob. Can you please advise on the best way to go about it? I'm not sure whether to go straight on to a cup or beaker rather than a bottle, and which feeds I should stop breastfeeding with first.
Team Response


6-9 months Breast Feeding Archived FAQs


Formula Feeding


Our baby girl of 8 months had started to go off milk whilst she was teething. She improved somewhat over the past few weeks (with us compensating with milk in her food etc) when her first two teeth appeared, but for nearly the whole of last week she has refused the formula milk (via bottle or beaker) and it is becoming very stressful. She isn’t suffering with her teeth at this moment.

We are desperate. What should we do? My doctor had said I should persist with ensuring she takes the milk (show who is boss so to speak) but is very difficult spending 15-20 minutes with an extremely upset baby when she doesn’t want her milk. She will eventually take some when tired. Should we be persisting like this? Will it get better?

I am very concerned as I know her intake of formula milk should be 600ml per day. For the last few days the intake has only been in the 300ml region (this has been with mixing only as she will not drink the milk) and the week previous to that in the 500ml region (this has been a combination of mixing and drinking).

Also she won’t settle for a nap in the afternoon at all and is very unsettled which results in my having to give her 100% attention doing different things until my husband comes in at 6:30pm to take over. Is that just the way she is as she develops?

At present my daughter feeds at 7am - she used to take 1-2ozs formula and a further 2-3ozs in cereal, but now she is refusing the bottle and cereal but will eat a couple of fromage frais. At 11.15am she has a 125g jar of protein meal and 125g dessert. She is offered watered down juice and if still hungry then a 50g fromage frais. To help her milk intake I have been offering pure baby rice with 3ozs of milk and fruit added but no fromage frais. She doesn’t like the rice and even with fruit you can see it is not that enjoyable.

At 3.15pm I offer formula, which she is now refusing so I’ve offered it mixed with baby rice or something similar and made runny so she will take it. If I really persist with the bottle she will take it 5-7ozs, but gets tired and upset and it takes a long time. At 5.15pm she has 125g baby food with grated cheese added, 2 fromage frais and if still hungry a dessert. Small amount of water given with solids. 6.30pm formula offered, sometimes will take 4ozs, but often refused so given baby rice or dessert given mixed with 3ozs formula.

My daughter naps from 8.45-10am, 12.30-2pm and is settled by 8pm. She weighs 19lbs 14ozs.
Team Response



It takes around one hour to feed my son before bedtime at 7pm. I start feeding him his bottle at 18:00, as he was too tired at 18:30 - kept falling asleep before his bottle is finished. He takes small amounts of his milk (around 2.5 ozs) and is then distracted. He plays around the room - he does not want to lie still and take his milk (this could be due to the fact that he is a very busy baby). He would cry uncontrollably and wouldn't want to be cuddled. I am unable to calm him down and get him to take his milk. Even though I have him in a dark room and play soft music, it's almost impossible to get him to be still. This repeats itself up to around 7pm, after which he falls asleep (exhausted) and does not even always finish his milk.I have to then wake him at 10pm to finish it. He is happy to be left playing in his room (I put him in his cot as he is pulling himself up against everything and is a danger to himself) until bedtime comes. He is normally a very pleasant baby - sleeps perfectly, eats well and is just a contented little baby. What could be the problem? He started teething today - could this be the cause of the problems the past 2.5 weeks?

He was weaned at 4mths and now has three meals a day. At 7am he takes 160mls formula follwed by porridge mixed with 90 mls. One tub of yoghurt and 5tsp fruit puree. 10am a tub of fruit given as a snack. At 11.45am he takes a full protien meal of about 6 tablespoons such as lentil savoury/ chicken gratin/ beef hotpot and has 3ozs of diluted juice. 4pm 2ozs diluted juice, 4.45pm vegetarian tea;6 tablespoons of corn chowder/ vegetable bake/ leek and courgette soup, with 1oz diluted juice. 6pm offered 240mls formula, not always finished.

My son naps from 9-10am and from 12.30-2.30 pm.
Team Response



My son of almost 7 months old is refusing nearly all milk. He loves food but will not drink from a bottle or beaker. His weight is static as the health visitors say he is not drinking enough milk. I add milk into his food but he only gets about 400mls a day and that is a battle. Should I cut out solids and go back to milk and baby rice, or restructure the feeds so he doesn’t expect solids after the milk? He doesn't wake in the morning screaming for his bottle and he is not fussed by his bedtime bottle either.

He has always slept well, 7pm till 6.30/7am but is lot more restless at the moment; he doesn't really get into a deep sleep. I am terrified that he is going to start waking in the night for the milk he needs. Is it true that 1 oz of cheese = 7 oz of formula? How much is in a yoghurt? I am getting so paranoid that I am tempted to give him lunch every day in a cheese sauce in order to get the milk into him - this can't be good!?
Would moving him onto SMA White help him get more vitamins in smaller quantities of milk? I cut the 3pm feed as he wasn’t taking anything; would it be better to cut milk with his lunch and offer it at 3pm instead? I didn’t want him to not be hungry for dinner at 5pm. In addition he refuses water and juice from a beaker and bottle.

At present he takes 30mls at 7am followed by 3/4tbsp baby porridge mixed with 100mls milk and cube of apple or pear. 11.30am 30mls followed by 4 cubes cod in cheese sauce/ chicken casserole or lentils, yoghurt. 5pm 40mls milk,4 cubes vegetables or cauliflower cheese and yoghurt. 6.30pm 50-100mls. He weighs 17lbs 4ozs.

My son naps at 9.30-10am, 12.30-2.30pm and 4.40-5pm. He is settled by 7pm.
Team Response



My 6.5-month-old son has been projectile vomiting at his 6.45pm feed, bringing up some of his tea and all of his milk. He does this prior to finishing the bottle of milk (210-240ml) normally after about 180ml. He doesn’t seem distressed by it and has never cried after being sick and after changing him etc he will normally finish the bottle and go to sleep. However, it means that by midnight he wakes up crying with hunger and we are now back to feeding in the night or if I can get him to go back to sleep with water he wakes again at 5am. I am really concerned about the vomiting as it has happened 4 nights in the past 7, although he seems very well in himself and when I asked our Doctor about it she could shed no light on it. I have tried eliminating all sorts of food from his diet by keeping a diary but can't seem to pin point it as he sometimes will have the same thing for his lunch and is never sick then; it is always at night. I have also tried to return to giving him some milk at 5.00pm before his solids, then his tea with the remainder of milk at 6.45 but he is still sick. His tea consists of cauliflower cheese or pasta with cheesy veg sauce or fish in cheese sauce with a green veg. He then will have a small amount of yoghurt or rusk in milk or fresh fruit puree.

Below is his daily progress if he hasn't woken in the night as he normally doesn't wake till 7.30-7.45am:

8am: 240mls formula, 7-8 spoons Ready Brek mixed with formula, 5-6 spoonfuls of yoghurt. 11.30am: 1 cube chicken and carrot casserole or fish in cheese sauce. 3-4 cubes of veg. 2 cubes fruit puree with or without yoghurt. 2.30pm: 180 ml formula, 5pm: 3-4 cubes cauliflower cheese with 2 cubes of vegetables or 3-4 cubes cheesy pats with veg. 5-6 spoons yoghurt with fruit or rusk with formula milk.

May son naps from 9.30-10.15am, 12.15-2pm and 4-4.20pm. He settles at 7.15pm.
Team Response


6-9 months Formula Feeding Archived FAQs




Can I use tinned fruit (in natural juices of course) and tinned vegetables for my 7 month old daughter?

Fiona Hinton's Response


I have found some organic vegetable stock cubes which are low-salt. In the nutrition information on the package it says they contain 'trace sodium'. Are these safe to use, as I don't always have time to make home-made stock. My baby is almost 8 months.

Fiona Hinton's Response


My daughter, now aged 7.5 months, started to sleep through the night after the 10pm feed when she was four months old. Following the health visitor's advice, I started to wean her when she was five months old, and everything continued to go well with her sleeping and feeding until a month ago when she caught a really bad cold. Although she has now recovered from her cold, she is refusing most of her solids, and is waking several times in the night, often taking up to two hours to settle. My lack of sleep over the last few weeks has meant that my milk supply has decreased dramatically. I have resorted to introducing more formula milk, in the hopes that it would help her sleep longer at night, but it has not really altered anything. Her daytime sleep is never more than 3 hours in total, between 7am and 7pm, so I am convinced that it is the lack of solids that is causing her to wake so much in the night. How do I get her back to eating the right balance of solids and milk during the day, so that she sleeps well at night?

She is currently having short breast feeds at 8am, 9.30am, 11.15am, 12.15pm, 3pm and 5pm, with an 8oz bottle of formula at 6.30pm and 10.30pm. I offer her solids at 8.15am, 11.30am and 6.15pm, but she rarely takes more than 3 or 4 teaspoonfuls. During the night she is having at least one quick breast feed and sometimes two.

Team Response


Any advice for a mum at the end of her tether? I seem to spend every spare moment of the day (and I don’t have many) cooking for my eight month old, Laura, who spits everything back at me. Then, when I open a jar of puréed baby food, she eats it as fast as I can feed her. Does it do her any harm to have the odd jar of baby food so I can keep my sanity?

Fiona Hinton's Response

6-9 months Weaning/Solids Archived FAQs


General Food Refusal


Samuel is a happy baby and has always eaten well until two weeks ago. Now he refuses everything offered to him regardless of what it is. I have tried finger foods and he just throws them on the floor. I have given him a spoon to hold whilst I feed him; it makes no difference, he just won't open his mouth. I have tried tricking him by offering water which he will always take and getting a spoon in as he opens his mouth, but he is wise to this now. He is having three milk feeds a day, but because of his lack of food intake is waking once again in the night for feeds.

Last night he woke at 12.15am, I tried not to feed him but he was still crying at 2.15am so I gave in, fed him and he slept to 6.30am. Samuel has been breast fed since birth, he refuses a bottle when offered and has done so for months.

Before this problem began he was sleeping twelve hours a night. Samuel is now grumpy and I am exhausted through lack of sleep.
I have tried teething gel before a feed but that makes no difference. He has had a cold this week but is getting over it, otherwise he is well.
He is taking breast feeds at 7am, 2.30pm, 7.30pm and 2.30am. He takes water at 11.45am. He presently weighs 17lbs 7ozs.

His rejected his breakfast of cereal and fruit puree. He took some pork and apple casserole after being tricked with a feeder cup and the yoghurt. He took some spaghetti and tomatoes with cheese, again eaten by being tricked, along with apples and custard, again taken when tricked into eating. Most of each meal was rejected. He took three cups of water during the day.

He slept from 9-9.30am and 12.30-2.30pm. He settled to sleep at 8pm.
Team Response



Olivia is refusing 95% of her solids. I have tried: self-feeding, spreading veggies on bread fingers, veggie fingers and offering a few ozs of milk then her solids. I have tried to give her a few ozs of milk before solids, but she just grizzles until she gets her bottle (usually after 30-60 minutes of getting her to eat). She has been "teething" for a few months now and I am wondering if that could be the reason, but it could still be months before her first tooth appears. Olivia does not seem to be hungry between meals and is not waking in the night. Mealtimes are becoming quite stressful.

She still has 4 milk feeds a day: 7.30am 240 ml, 11.30am 150 ml, 2.30pm 200 ml and 6pm 240mls. At 4.15pm she has 2-3 ozs water. Her present weight is 7.5 kg.

Her breakfast is: 1tsp yoghurt, 1 mouthful of toast and lunch is 2-3 mouthfuls veggies and /or cheese, chicken or tuna.

She has two naps in the day: 9-9.45am and 12.30-2.30pm and settles at 7pm.
Team Response



I tried to introduce solids at 5.5 months and things went well for a few days. Then she became ill with rotavirus and the doctor told me to stop weaning until the sickness and diarrhoea cleared up. This took just over 4 weeks. I tried to start weaning again when she was better but now she just clamps her mouth shut and refuses to eat anything. I have tried all sorts of foods, but when I manage to get any food in her mouth she just gags and refuses even more vigorously. I have tried some of the suggestions sent to me via the message boards, but all to no avail. She is 8 months next week and still not weaned.

I have tried solids before, during or after bottles. If I feed her formula first, she throws all her milk back up when she gags.

At present her feeds are 07.15 6ozs, 11.00 8ozs, 14.30 6ozs, 18.30 8ozs giving a total of 28ozs.

She is not putting on any weight and has dropped from the 50th to 25th percentile on her weight chart. At present she weighs 16lbs 2ozs. I am really worried and running out of things to try. She also refuses water. Apart from this issue, she is a perfect contented little baby.
Team Response



I started weaning Olivia at about 41/2 months, strictly following the CLB Book of Weaning. She took solids with no problems and seemed happy on them. About 4 weeks ago she got a slight cold. Since then she refuses to take her solids and is only happy with milk and water. Sometimes she will eat solids (rice cereal and pureed apple or pear) at the 6pm feed. We were at the end of the first stage of weaning when she got the cold.

Olivia is now almost 7 months and weighs 8kg. She has 4 milk feeds a day: 7.30am 240mls, 11.30am 180mls, 2.30pm 180mls, 6.00pm 240mls and 60ml of water at 4.15pm.

She doesn’t seem hungry as she is not looking for feeds earlier or waking in the night. She sleeps well from 7pm to 7am.
Team Response


6-9 months General Food Refusal Archived FAQs



7. At what point can I introduce Indian spices into my baby's food - things such as cumin, coriander, etc, and also when can I start to add pepper and herbs such as oregano, basil, etc?
Fiona Hinton Response

I have found some organic vegetable stock cubes which are low-salt. In the nutrition information on the package it says they contain 'trace sodium'. Are these safe to use, as I don't always have time to make home-made stock. My baby is almost 8 months.
Fiona Hinton Response


Can I use tinned fruit (in natural juices of course) and tinned vegetables for my 7 month old daughter?
Fiona Hinton Response


How much milk is two tablespoons of yoghurt worth? And what about cheese? I am certain it’s a very silly question, but I can’t shake it out of my head.

Fiona Hinton's Response



Since my twins are almost 8 months now I'd like to be more flexible with going out in the afternoons, and able to stay outside a little bit more, rather than hurry back home for the teatime. They wake around 2.30pm, have their milk and get dressed so by the time we reach somewhere it's already 3.30pm and we have to come back at 5 pm. That stresses me a little bit.

I could use ready made food when we're out but I prefer to stick to the home made ones. Even if I want to use ready made ones, I don't know if it's safe to keep them in the room temperature?

Consider yourself; you're out in the afternoon, you don't want to rush back home for teatime but you want to give home made food and there is no place to warm the food?

What type of foods and methods would make that work?

One more question? I've read the weaning book, food bible and all the case studies, and I got the idea of when to give from which food groups but I'm not all clear about how much to give for each feed in terms of table spoons or grams? Is there a guideline for that? My twins are almost 8 months old, started solid food at 6 months of age (due to prematurity) and now more or less able to eat several fruits, vegetables, cereals, chicken, meat and fish. They have 3 formula feeds and sleep through the night.
Team Response



My baby wakes up from all his sleeps with a dirty nappy. I don't know if this wakes him but I suspect it does. He is now waking at 5.30/6am with a dirty nappy too. As a result I have to feed him and then he is tired. I put him back to bed and he sleeps until 8am when I wake him. I then put him down again at 9/9.30 for half an hour to get back on track although he is still tired. He goes down again at 12.30 and will sleep until 2, but again will be tired and with a dirty nappy when he wakes up. He refuses to go back to sleep late afternoon and then goes to sleep exhausted at 7pm. He is sharing with his two year old brother and has started waking him in the mornings now.

He feeds at 6/7am from both sides, breakfast at 8am, which is weetabix with fruit or mashed banana mixed with fruit puree. He takes a small feed at 10.30am from one side only. I am trying to drop this. Lunch is at 12 (5-10 cubes of puree). I have just had introduced protein, which he is happy with. He has something such as chicken and sweet potato. He takes some fruit puree as dessert. He feeds from both sides at 2.30pm. Dinner at 5.30pm is vegetable puree such as parsnip and pumpkin 5-8 cubes. If he is very tired he is given a small breast feed first. His final breast feed is at 6.30pm of both sides ifhe has had no milk at 5.30pm and only one side if he had milk before solids. He was weaned at 5 months 1 week and now is 6 months 2 weeks old and weighs 20lbs.
He may be allergic to dairy products so is given soya milk to drink on the odd occasions when he has a bottle. He will take 5-6 ozs. I have also eliminated dairy products from my diet.
Team Response



My son is 6 months and 1 week old, and although he has a half brother and sister (who are both teenagers) they do not live with us. He was 7lbs at birth and weighed 15lbs 9oz on the 4th of February. He is breastfed and, until Sunday, just gone his feeding routine was as follows; he would wake anytime between 5-6 am and want feeding and be ready to start the day. He would feed for 5 minutes and then lose interest and start to chat and play. An hour later he would want more food and get quite frantic if I tried to not feed him. He would have a similar amount and then again lose interest - I did try to get him to feed longer at each feed, but he would just start to flail his arms and legs about and refuse any more food.

About 1 hour-45 minutes after he woke up he would be showing signs of being tired, so he would have another feed and go to sleep on the breast. I would put him in his cot and he would then sleep anywhere from half an hour to 2 hours. When he woke his feeding would follow the same pattern, except where he would usually have more milk after an hour I would give him solids (2tsp puréed apple, banana or apricot and 1tbs baby rice or baby porridge ) and water from a cup. He was only middling interested in the solids, some days eating it all and others refusing completely (except apricot - he always eats apricot!) Again he would be tired after 2 hours and would have more milk (again about 4/5 minutes) and then sleep the same range of hours again.

When he woke we would follow the same routine as the morning, and after 2 hours he would have another nap, up to an hour long. Depending on how early he started the day, sometimes he might even have another nap, because he just did not seem able to stay awake longer than 2 hours without getting overtired and overwrought. His instinct was to sleep and the midwives and health visitors had advised me to follow my baby’s lead - that he would know when to eat and when to sleep. I tried to not let him have his last nap after 5:30pm and we would then have his feed, followed by solids an hour later ( 4 tsp puréed veg - parsnip, carrot or peas - with 1 and a half tbs potato, rice or sweet potato, with some Petit Filous for afters). He would then have 10-20 minutes of naked kick about in front of the fire, followed by his bath (given by myself or my husband between 6 and 6:30) which he loves, and then downstairs for drying and dressing in front of the fire. I would then feed him in the lounge, and, when he was asleep (usually between 7 and 8pm), either on myself or my husband, he would be carried up to his cot where he would happily sleep until 10:30-11:30pm, when he would wake and want feeding.

This feed was usually around 8 minutes and then he went back to sleep (again while feeding), having been awake for 15-90 minutes. He would then wake 2 hours later, and then 2 hours later and then start the day between 5 and 6am. Each time he woke I would feed him (4 to 6 mins) and he would go back to sleep. When he was awake he was very lively, alert and happy.

On Sunday I decided to get tough and introduce Gina's routines for 6 months old, and I have been putting him in his cot when he was still awake so he could learn to settle himself. He has adapted fairly well to settling himself during the day, but cries terribly when I try to settle him between 11pm and 6am without a feed (so I usually give in). He struggles to stay awake longer than 2 hours and it is using all my inventiveness to keep him awake and to not let him have his afternoon nap. He is also protesting pitifully at the lack of his usual milk feeds – I thought he would be used to it by day 3, but when he wakes at 9:45am it is impossible to not give him any food until 11:45, I can just about stretch it to 11/11:15 but he appears to be so starving by then that I have to give him at least half his milk feed if I want to stand any chance of him taking any his solids (I moved breakfast to 7am and introduced lunch – same as tea, only smaller amount). If he does not have the milk feed he has a terrifying screaming session when I try and give him solids.

Apart from that earlier feeding, and him then going to sleep by 12pm, I have pretty much got Gina's routine in place. However he is still waking twice between 11pm and 5am, and apparently genuinely hungry. If he wakes to start the day before 6am, I will feed him and then put him back down and he usually cries himself to sleep (for about half an hour) and then wakes again close to 7am - starving again. I know that the habits he has gotten into are all my own fault - although I read Gina's book while I was pregnant and was determined to follow it to the letter (I even made my husband read it!), when I got my wee boy home he was so small and so helpless and so dependent on me that I was easy fodder for the health visitors, who all advised me to follow my baby's lead - that he knew what he needed. Anyway I am reaping what I sowed now, and I just cannot take the sleep deprivation any longer - it is affecting my enjoyment of my baby and affecting my relationship with my husband. I was reading Richard Ferber this morning (when listening to my screaming baby at 3am and 5:30 am) and he suggests gradually reducing the amount of time baby is feeding when he wakes in the early hours and not to go cold turkey like I am trying, which is incredibly traumatic.
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