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Feeding: Ask the Experts Help

Feeding your baby, toddler and child is a constant and ever-changing preoccupation for parents.  Here, Gina and the experts will answer the most frequently asked questions and try to resolve feeding difficulties, whether breast, bottle or solids. 

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  • Disclaimer: The advice given here is not intended to replace medical advice and if, at any time, you are concerned about your child's health please seek advice from a qualified medical or health professional.

Frequently asked questions on feeding

Asking your question

If you are a member and want to send your question to the experts, first check that your query has not already been answered above.

If you are struggling with a problem and you have not found the answer in Gina's books, the FAQs or Case Studies, please submit your question on the Forums. Many members have found the help and advice offered on our Forums extremely useful, so please ensure you submit your question on the Forums before contacting Ask the Experts.

If you find that the advice offered on the Forums has not been successful, you can email Gina and the team of experts here. There is a form to fill in that will help the team to answer your question.  Please note that not every question can be individually answered - questions representative of the most frequently asked will be posted. We would also like to remind you that the advice we give is not to replace advice given by doctors or other medical professionals.

Clare Byam-Cook: UK's Leading Breastfeeding Counsellor

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