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From Crying Baby to Contented Baby

CBPublished by Vermillion in March 2010, From Crying Baby to Contented Baby (£6.99 pbk).

Published in a smaller format, From Crying Baby to Contented Baby will address the emotive topic of crying babies. Gina will help parents recognise the triggers that cause a baby to cry and show parents how best to comfort and settle their babies.

Trying to deal with a baby who won't stop crying is extremely stressful for any parent, particularly when you can't seem to work out what is causing the problem. In From Crying Baby to Contented Baby, Gina Ford outlines the common triggers for crying for each age group, whether it's a newborn baby or a 10-month-old. This will help you to determine the most likely cause of your baby's distress whether it is hunger, fatigue, anxiety, teething pain or simply frustration. The book gives lots of practical tips and reassuring advice, as well as a useful sleep guide to enable you to see roughly how much sleep your baby should be getting at each stage. Working through the causes of crying in the book will enable you to work out what is upsetting your baby, so that you can both be calm and content once more.

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