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Happy Adults by Cathy Glass

You may be more familiar with Cathy Glass from her sometimes harrowing stories of her experience as a foster carer, but this book is on a very different theme focusing on how to be happy as an adult. Cathy Glass explains that thousands of adults got in touch with her after her books were published, many of whom had been through traumatic experiences as children. She began to notice that while some of them had managed to put the past behind them and go on to have very happy and productive lives, others were still suffering and were unable to get beyond their bad experiences. In Happy Adults, she explains the key to happiness that she found when she began to look more closely at why some people were able to move on and others weren't.
Cathy Glass discusses a number of key traits which she has found characterise those who are able to put negative events behind them, and looks at how these can affect your outlook. She begins by explaining that it is essential to be able to let go of anger and to move on, rather than allowing unhappy events to dominate your life.
A theme throughout the book is the power of positive thought and action, and of trying to look for the positive sides of experiences rather than wallowing in the negatives. Cathy Glass explores how taking responsibility for your own life can give you control, and how general healthy lifestyle tips such as eating properly, taking exercise and generally looking after yourself can make all the difference to how happy you feel.
She also discusses the importance of being decisive, explaining that sometimes it can be the fear of making the wrong decisions that leaves people paralysed with indecision, and she explores why not being able to make decisions can be so demoralising, leaving you feeling sad and frustrated at missed opportunities.
Cathy Glass includes a really interesting section on intuition and demonstrates how successful people tend to rely on their intuition, or subconscious awareness, far more than you might expect.
Making your home into a positive environment can improve your state of mind, and Cathy Glass offers tips for reducing stress and becoming self-reliant. She believes that trying to live in the present rather than daydreaming about the future will help, and discusses the importance of self-development which she stresses should be about making the best of yourself rather than competing with others.
Happy Adults is a fascinating read. Much of it may be common sense, but the elusive happiness that people spend so much of their time trying to achieve through the pursuit of money or pleasure is actually a far simpler affair than many of us believe, as it comes not from the outside but from inside ourselves. This helps explain why some people can be happy living in the most challenging circumstances, while others who appear to have it all can be permanently miserable.

Regardless of how contented or happy you feel with your life, you will find some useful tips and advice and food for thought in Cathy Glass's new book. It is all too easy to overlook the obvious, but as Glass explains, happiness may be closer than you'd believed.

Happy Adults by Cathy Glass is published this month by Harper at £7.99

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