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Gina offers a personal telephone consultation service to parents of young babies and toddlers who are struggling with feeding, sleeping and behavioural problems. Over the last twenty years Gina has helped over 10,000 parents resolve serious sleeping and feeding issues.

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Alex, 16 weeks - erratic sleep pattern

My son is 16 weeks old and has never slept all the way through the night and his sleep pattern is getting more and more erratic. We are breast-feeding at all feeds, bar the 10.30pm which is 210ml of formula. He has been steadily gaining weight since birth and now weighs 16 lbs.

From about 8-12 weeks he was only waking once in the night at about 4/5 am for a full 20 minute feed, then would drop straight back to sleep. In the last four weeks he has been waking at least twice a night, sometimes three times and he is now waking up in the stretch of sleep from 6.45pm to 10.30pm, which he used to sleep soundly through. Up until the last week he slept through until 10.30pm when we would have to wake him for his feed. He has now started waking at 9.30/10pm. We give him a 210ml bottle of formula and he goes back to sleep by 11pm. This is when it gets totally unpredictable. The last two nights, and several nights last week, he has woken at 1am. I have been able to settle him quickly back to sleep but he wakes again at 2.30/3am. I feed him at this time and he takes a full 20 minute feed from one breast but usually falls asleep and I cannot rouse him to take the second breast so I can put him straight back in the cot. Usually, he would sleep through from here till 7am but the last week or so he has been waking at 5.30am and has been very difficult to settle. The day routine is pretty good and he knows when his feed and sleeps are coming but the night is getting more and more difficult to predict and he is certainly not getting any closer to sleeping through the night.

I have tried splitting the 10.30pm feed but he is usually asleep by the time I try to give him the second half of the feed. I am not sure where to go from here as I feel I am feeding him enough in the day and am not sure how to get more milk into him. I have considered that it may be teething but it has been almost two weeks now that he has been waking at different times and even before that, he never made it through to 7am. I don't know whether he is a hungry baby and I should consider weaning him? Some advice would be really welcome.


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