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Gina offers a personal telephone consultation service to parents of young babies and toddlers who are struggling with feeding, sleeping and behavioural problems. Over the last twenty years Gina has helped over 10,000 parents resolve serious sleeping and feeding issues.

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George aged ten weeks - waking up twice in the night

We started using your routine when our son George was 2½ weeks old. He settled into the daytime routine quite quickly, and at night after his late bottle (10/11pm) he would wake up around 2am and would then on the whole last till 6 am. We had expected he would start pushing the time back from 2 am to 3 am and slowly towards 6/7 am but he is still waking at 2am or 3am. When he was 5 weeks old we introduced a split feed at 10/11 pm to see if that would make him last longer. It did but only for a maximum of one hour, instead of waking up around 2 am he would now wake up just before 3 am.

Nonetheless we hoped he would start pushing the time back to 6/7 am. We got our hopes up when for 3 nights he woke up around 4 am and once he even slept through the night and had to be woken up at 7am! Apart from these few instances, he keeps waking up consistently around 3 am. As the split feed did not make that much of a difference we have now, for the last week, (like you suggest in your book) dropped the late feed and to see at what time he himself would wake up naturally for a feed. This has consistently been around 10 pm, which now results into him waking up again at 2 am every night. We have now decided to check his swaddle, give him a cuddle and resettle him. He then cries for 5-10 minutes and goes to sleep. An hour to 1½ hours later however he wakes up again. At which point we cannot settle him. In other words, instead of pushing the time back towards 6/7 am we have now gone back to where we started: 2am. We do not know how to change this anymore. We've run out of options apart from letting him cry. We are not keen to do that.

He sleeps no longer than 3½ hours a day and is a happy and friendly baby who hardly cries unless he's hungry, bothered by a burp or tired. He is our second child. With my daughter your routine worked wonderfully for us: we started when she was 4 weeks old and she slept through the night at 6 weeks! We had hoped something similar would happen with our son but he seems to be of a different opinion. What can we do to make him sleep nearer to 7am?


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