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Gina offers a personal telephone consultation service to parents of young babies and toddlers who are struggling with feeding, sleeping and behavioural problems. Over the last twenty years Gina has helped over 10,000 parents resolve serious sleeping and feeding issues.

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James aged seven weeks - awake for two hours in the night

I have a seven-week old baby boy, James whom I am trying to get into the CLB routines. We are struggling with his sleep, especially at night. Even on the good days when we stick to them during the day, it seems to go wrong in the evening. James always takes his feed between 10-12pm well and returns to sleep easily. The issue is with the night-time feed, he seems to want quite a lot of milk at this feed and can take up to 2 hours to settle back to sleep. He is bottle fed. I am slightly concerned he has got his day and nights mixed up and am not sure how to fix this and ensure he stays in his routines.

It is quite hectic with the 3 of them but the older 2 are in good bedtime routines and both bathed and in bed by 7:30pm.

Please help us get James into a good routine, as your routines were used with our other two children and they are fantastic sleepers.


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