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Portion Sizes at 7 Months by Gina Ford

I notice that a few of you are confused about portion sizes. Regardless of whether you weaned your baby at six months or slightly earlier, by 7 months they should have tasted a wide variety of foods from the different food groups. At this stage you can now move onto serving proper meals which include casseroles, soups, bakes etc.; these meals should not be pureed and frozen in ice-cubes trays, instead they should be pulsed or mashed and frozen as mini-meals. In the weaning guide I state that each recipe will make between 6 to 8 mini meals, depending on the appetite of the baby.

If you have a very hungry baby who is not satisfied with the portion size I would recommend that any extra food you give is served either, sliced, diced or as finger food. It is really important that you begin to move away from pureed food at this age, to help your baby define different tastes, colours and textures. To continue to feed a baby pureed food during the third stage of weaning, can lead to them becoming fussy and rejecting food.

By 9 months the meals you serve your baby should look similar to how you would serve your own meals, obviously chopping and slicing the ingredients to a size that you baby can manage to chew easily. Depending on how many teeth your baby has, you may need to remove the meat from casseroles along with a little of the stock, pulse it a little, and then serve it with the rest of the chopped vegetables and stock from the casserole. Hope the above all makes sense.

Good Luck!

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