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Potty Training in One Week

Your One-Stop Guide to Successful Potty Training
Liberation from nappies is an event eagerly anticipated by most parents. Toddlers, however, rarely share in this enthusiasm and many parents experience a long and bumpy ride along the road to a nappy-free existence. Advice on offer from grandparents, friends and professionals is often conflicting, leaving parents unsure of how and when best to potty train their child.

In POTTY TRAINING IN ONE WEEK, best-selling author Gina Ford sets out a simple, easy-to-follow programme which works quickly and avoids many of the common pitfalls parents encounter.

What You'll Find Inside

According to Gina, the key to swift and successful potty training is to start when the child is ready and the rest of the family is prepared too. Generally, children develop bladder and bowel control some time after 18 months. Potty training before this is pointless and will only result in many accidents and much frustration. But other abilities are required too, so parents should look out for all the signs of readiness before attempting toilet training, including:

  • Ability to understand and follow simple instructions
  • Interest in dressing and undressing himself and the ability to pull pants up and down independently
  • Ability to point to different parts of their body when asked
  • Ability to sit still and concentrate on a toy, book or video for 5-10 minutes

Once the child is ready, parents can embark on the first stage of training and encourage their child to practise sitting on the potty for 5-10 minutes at regular times throughout the day. When this has been successfully achieved for at least a week, then the child can move on to stage two.

In her trademark instructive style, Gina briefs parents thoroughly on everything they need for potty training. She advises on the issues to be considered before embarking on the seven-day training programme and the need to avoid major disruptions in family life such as moving house, the birth of another baby or starting a new job. The best time, she suggests is a week fairly free of activity. Starting at the weekend is sensible if you need your partner to take care of other siblings.

Gina's unique seven-day programme leads parents step-by-step through the potty training process giving many useful guidelines and hints along the way such as:

  • How to deal with accidents
  • How to make potty training fun for your child
  • How to reward
  • What to do when you go out
  • What to do at sleep times

To address common concerns, Gina has included an informative question and answer section. There is also a useful problem-solving section giving specific advice on dealing effectively with a stubborn child, bedwetting or regression. Finally, real-life case histories show how, when things went wrong, Gina's advice helped get parent and child back on the right track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to visit the Potty Training Frequently Asked Questions. These are about the principles of the book.

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Your One-Stop Guide to Successful Potty Training
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