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The Gina Ford Baby & Toddler Cook Book

Contains over 100 easy recipes for all the family to enjoy.

The importance of good childhood nutrition has never been more topical. Parents are constantly being reminded of the need to offer their children healthy, home cooking and cut down on the number of fat, salt and sugar-laden ready-prepared meals. Yet busy lifestyles dictate that family time is in short supply and it is often hard to balance this with the practicality of cooking for every family member.

This excellent family recipe book is here to help. Picking up from where The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning left off, Gina’s Baby and Toddler Cook Book addresses the next stage in childhood nutrition, from the age of nine months. Simplicity is key to Gina's advice and her realistic approach takes account of the demands on today’s parents who still want to provide their children with nutritious meals. This invaluable feeding manual includes chapters on: juggling the needs of all the family - recipes for babies, toddlers and older children; batch cooking - how to make twelve meals for the freezer at one session; quick and tasty breakfasts; how to make vegetables appealing; and much more!

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Junior Magazine on Gina Ford's Baby and Toddler Cook Book
"With glossy pictures of happy well-fed children and tasty recipes, this is a pretty impressive package...It's all very yummy stuff"

Independent on Sunday
"stands out from the rest: Gina Ford's Baby and Toddler Cookbook by the revolutionary childcare expert"


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The Gina Ford Baby & Toddler Cook Book
Gina Ford

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