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The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning

In THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK OF WEANING Gina's expert advice on weaning makes a baby's transition from milk to solid foods as straightforward as possible. Successful weaning establishes a pattern of healthy eating in babies, avoiding the pitfalls of fussy eaters restricted to a narrow diet. The book is as relevant and helpful to those parents who have not followed Gina's routines.

Your One-Stop Guide to Contented Feeding
Weaning your baby on to solid foods is one of the most important milestones during the early months of parenthood. Most parents are well aware that establishing good eating habits from the start will have a positive impact on their child's health for life.

Concern over unhealthy diets, feeding problems, high levels of childhood obesity and the increase of allergies are rarely out of the news these days. Gina has revised THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK OF WEANING to give parents the complete advice on how to establish healthy eating habits from a young age. Her world-renowned feeding plans and recipes can be followed with complete confidence.

What You'll Find Inside

In this revised edition of THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK OF WEANING, Gina includes the latest recommendations regarding breast feeding and the introduction of solid food from the World Health Authority and the UK Department of Health. She aims to take the worry out of weaning, guiding parents step-by-step through the process. She shares the insight and expertise gained from personally helping care for over 300 babies, and advising thousands of more parents via her consultation service and website.

As always, Gina's approach is reassuringly thorough and instructive. Current medical advice states that babies should be weaned at six months. Gina covers the subject of early weaning, risks associated with early and late weaning, and gives parents clear guidelines for recognising when their own baby is ready to make the move onto solids. She explains exactly how to introduce solid food whether you are weaning at six months or are advised to wean earlier.

To ensure things get off to a good start, Gina shares her essential tips for successful weaning including:

  • The best time of day to introduce the first solid feed
  • Which foods to introduce and at what age
  • How often to introduce new foods
  • When to increase the amounts given
  • Getting the balance of milk feeds and solids right
  • How to eliminate night feeds once solids are introduced
  • The importance of introducing finger foods at the right age
  • When to reduce the number of daytime feeds

A unique feature of THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK OF WEANING are the feeding plans which take parents day-by-day through the first stages of weaning. In this revised edition, newly extended feeding plans take parents, step-by-step, through different stages ensuring that they get the balance of solids and milk right for their baby.

The transition from milk to solids can be difficult without guidance and can lead to disrupted sleep. Gina combats this problem explaining when extra feeds might be necessary and how to manage the process successfully. Gina’s plans give precise details of the amount and type of solid food to introduce at each feed, as well as the exact quantities of milk still required to be sure of providing all the nutrients a growing baby needs during each stage of weaning. Parents following Gina’s sleeping and feeding routines will find the advice fits perfectly with their babies’ nap and feed times.

Gina’s newly developed rotating meal planners for older children take your baby up to the end of his first year. Gina's advice means that babies are introduced to a variety of different foods during their first year, and helps establish good eating habits for life. You will find brand new questions and answers giving the most up-to-date advice to parents who are struggling with babies who refuse solids and older babies who are waking in the night, despite being weaned. Gina has also added some of her famous case studies to show how parents can deal with these problems successfully and confidently.

An A-Z section lists the ideal foods to introduce to your child and states when the best time is to avoid allergies or digestive problems. It includes guidelines for buying, storage and preparation, as well as information on their nutritional content and health benefits. Gina encourages parents to give their children fresh, home-cooked foods whenever possible. Her nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes have been followed successfully by over a million parents around the world ensuring this book is all you will need to successfully wean your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to visit Frequently Asked Questions - Weaning. Here you'll find some questions taken from the book.


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Your One-Stop Guide to Contented Feeding
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