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easyblinds by Audrey Buck


If you've ever struggled to get your babies or children to sleep when it's still light outside, or have been woken at dawn when the sun comes up, you'll know what a problem this can be. A bright room at bedtime is rarely conducive to sleep, and parents can end up feeling desperate and exhausted faced with a child who is resolutely wide awake when they ought to be fast asleep. easyblinds was born out of that frustration, because as every parent knows, life is much easier when you are getting the sleep you need yourself.

After struggling to get my baby daughter into a good sleep routine, a friend introduced me to Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby book. The change was dramatic, and the benefit of complete blackout was indisputable! We hit on the idea for our original Velcro blackout blind, which cut out all light from the bedroom and sleep was ours again! The idea caught on, and when other people heard about our blinds we began making them for friends, and then friends of friends as there was such a demand through word-of-mouth. Eventually, we decided to take easyblinds out of our darkened bedrooms and into the world. We set up a small business in 2002, working from home, and easyblinds has gone from strength to strength.

Our range now includes blackout kits for home and travel use, all designed to be easy to use and surprisingly inexpensive, given the quality of materials used. One of our most popular blinds is the 'easyblackout', which is a Velcro blackout blind which attaches all the way around the window frame. It has excellent blackout properties, with no gaps around the sides for light to enter.

Our blackout blinds are sold as self-assembly kits and are available in white and cream. These light colours also help to keep the sun's heat out, so that rooms can be kept cooler in summer. They are designed to sit unobtrusively behind any existing curtains or blinds, so that even with light voile, or tab-top curtains, it is easy to achieve total blackout whenever it is needed.
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