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Case Studies/Miscellaneous


  • Max, age 15 months: Early-morning waking
  • Lucy, age 22 months: Resisting Bedtime
  • Megan, age 26 months: Dropping Lunchtime Nap
  • Lucie, age 8 weeks: Problems settling to sleep
  • Alexandra, age 13 weeks: Night waking
  • Poppy, age 10 weeks: Hourly early morning wakings
  • Georgie, age 21 months: Refusal to go to bed and night-time waking
  • Finlay, age 17 months: Early Morning Waking
  • Heather, age 10 months: Early morning waking during the second year
  • Sophia, age 4 weeks: Early Morning Waking and sleepy 10pm feed
  • Ella & Millie, age 6 weeks and 10 weeks: How I solved the Lunchtime Nap
  • Ed, age 6 months: Early Morning Waking
  • Sam, age 7 months: Early Morning Waking


  • Zac, age 7 months: Fussy Feeding
  • Hugh, age 6 months : Refusing Vegetable Purees
  • Thomas, age 18 months : Rejecting lumps in his food
  • Dan and Jamie, age 1 year: Only wanting pureed food
  • Anoushka, age 3.5 years: Still wanting to be spoon fed
  • Poppy & Lara, age 4 and 2: Two Fussy Eaters
  • Giorgia, age 7 months: Refusing milk feeds and fussy with solids
  • Benjamin, aged 28 months: Food refusal due to demand feeding and excessive fluid intake from a bottle
  • Dylan, age six months: Milk refusal caused be introducing certain foods too early
  • David, age seven months: Excessive night-time feeding due to being fed too much convenience food
  • Natalie, age 12 weeks: Constipation caused by premature transition from breast milk to over-rich infant formula


  • Caleb, age 2 years and 9 months : Withholding Poo
  • Arun & Ravi, age 2.5 years: Potty Training Twins
  • Lucy, age 26 months: Potty Training
  • Luis, age 10.5 months: Aggressive behaviour

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