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I visited site shortly after my baby's birth. There, I found the support of a talented and dedicated team of experts. The team of experts has answered and addressed my queries with an outstanding level of professionalism and care (as if they were there with me; supporting and helping me)!

I have also received incredible support from the other mums, benefitting from their experience. I really feel deeply grateful for all this, and hopefully one day I will be able to help another mum in need.

I am so surprised by some of the harsh criticism the book and the website have received; this book and this website are nothing but the work of passion, dedication, huge experience and love for little ones. The assistance I have been getting (and I definitely know I am not alone to think this) through the pages of the book or the emails on the site have been second to none.

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I just want to start off by saying a huge thank you to Gina Ford!! Her books and this website have been my salvation.

I really thought I would never get my baby to sleep. I was convinced that I would have sleepless nights for the rest of my life, so I decided to get tough and follow Gina's routines to the letter when my son was about two and a half months old.

I can't even imagine what life would be like now, had I not found Gina. My son is so happy now and has even started sleeping two hours at his lunch time nap which I thought was impossible for our baby.

I would recommend her books and this website to anyone. If it works for my baby, believe me, it can work for anyone!

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The website was launched in 2004 and I have found it an amazing source of high quality information and advice both from childcare experts and guest authors, to the equally valuable advice offered by thousands of other parents who believe in the benefits of a routine for babies and young children. The online community is a haven for parents and the sense of support is fantastic.

My husband and I are welcoming another baby into the world any day now and I have no doubt in my mind that Gina Ford's advice will work equally as well second time round.

Top of this page Gosh where would I be without it!
I love logging on for my daily fix. I have found the support that I needed from like-minded people. This has helped me with the battle of PND as well as potty training! It is really really a godsend and am so glad that I joined.

Thank you Gina and The Team

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The website is absolutely fantastic. It makes me feel that I am never alone with what I am going through and it is wonderful to share the joys and tears of parenthood with other mums who will never judge you but offer unconditional support and brilliant advice.

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Joining the web site has proved very useful. I immediately found an effective treatment for cradle cap, and had lots of help and support from other mums with other problems, especially my son's eczema. He is much improved as a result of the advice I've had, and I no longer feel alone with this problem. Finally, it has been good to have been able to arrange to meet other local mums following the routine, particularly as the local mum and baby group has a very long waiting list.

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I had heard about the Contented Little Baby Book through a friend of my sister's; after I had read it I decided to follow the routines pretty early on in my pregnancy!

We started as soon as we got home from hospital and Edward fitted into the routines well. It was only when I couldn't work out what to do when he started waking up close to 7am, hungry, at about 6 weeks, that I wondered if there was any on-line support. Imagine my delight when I found the Contented Baby Community! I was able to find out what to do immediately from previous posts and ever since I have been an avid fan.

Gina's routines are so effective; as many other members say, no one can believe how cheerful and outgoing Edward is.

I log on to the site far more often than can be good for my health; my husband often asks me how my "virtual friends" are. I have just started work again, and although I am trying to be strict with myself, I think the forums are going to give me even more support than ever now that I'm combining motherhood and work.

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Nothing prepared me for our daughter's colic. At 3-weeks-old with no routine and being breast fed on demand (every two hours!) she was screaming from 5-10pm guaranteed!

By 6 weeks, she was crying day and night. Her father spent hours driving her around the streets of London when he returned from work whilst I desperately tried to catch up on sleep. She would wake at least 3 times from 11pm-7am. She would only be calm if she was patted, rocked or carried around in a baby carrier. Once, I did the latter for two whole days!

I was tired, stressed and felt selfishly gutted that I had such an "unhappy baby".

When she was 7 weeks, I was in the Early Learning Centre one afternoon and came across Gina's book by accident. I browsed through it and it made perfect sense. Within 2 days, my daughter was following the routines. I have never looked back. She has to be woken at 7am every morning and cries for less than an hour a day!

My husband and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gina personally for turning or lives around and allowing us to enjoy these precious months with our daughter rather than wishing them away! For giving us the confidence to want more children and for allowing me to be able to return to work in September knowing that my house husband will willingly continue to follow her routines to the letter!

I am also grateful for the ongoing support I have received from the website and will continue to spread the word and ensure that anyone I know expecting a baby is given the book whilst pregnant, as opposed to stumbling across it as I did. Still, I may have been unfortunate enough to have never known about it!

BIG thank you and BIG love

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I'd just like to say how helpful and supportive the website has been.
I read the CLBB during pregnancy and said 'Thank God!' someone who doesn't seem to think you ought to give up your entire life and resign yourself to broken nights and demand feeding for a year or more.

I strongly believed that babies needed gently guiding into routines and
that by doing this from an early age, you would help them grow up into contented and confident children.

Now with a 3-month-old son I can say I have found the book and the website incredibly supportive. I have tried various other groups and bulletin boards but in nearly all cases I have found that my choice to bottle feed, put baby in his own room at 3 weeks, set up a routine at 4 weeks and refusing to demand feed etc has been given the 'raised eyebrows' response.

Thank heavens for Gina and sticking to my guns; I now have a baby who has
5 feeds a day at regular times and more or less sleeps through from 7-7 with a feed at 11.30pm. I'm looking forward to her support and the support of all the other wonderful members on here when we get to weaning!

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I decided to try my daughter on Gina's routine when she was 7-weeks-old. My husband had already been away for two out of a three-week business trip and I needed help. I live thousands of miles from family and don't know too many people with babies. It was such a scary time for me - dealing with this overwhelming responsibility of caring for a tiny precious baby that you love so dearly and not having your husband with you. I didn't have the time to read Gina's entire book, so I just read it in stages. It felt like Gina believed in me and if I stuck to her routines everything would work out just fine. In just one week, and the night before my husband returned from his business trip, our daughter was sleeping from 7pm-7am Gina's confidence in her routines encouraged me to not give up. She was a great source of strength and comfort to me and enabled me to have confidence in my ability to parent a very contented baby.

When I discovered I was just thrilled. I love how involved Gina and her team are with the site. It's also wonderful for me to get support and answers to questions from people who really understand the routine. It truly is invaluable to me. It's also very comforting to know that as my baby and family grows, I will have this incredible support.

Thank you Gina and the entire team.

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The site for sanity!! Can't say enough about how great is. After a bad day you can log on for a bit of sympathy, sanity and advice. I've used it many times to get advice from other mums and its great to share ideas, problems and issues with like-minded parents.

Long may it continue. Without Gina and the site my life would DEFINITELY not be the same.

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I have found the Contented baby website to be a 24-hour source of support to me. This was particularly helpful in the earlier part of my daughter's life when sleeplessness and exhaustion exaggerated my worries. I found the advice and the support invaluable and I only wish this website was available when my first daughter was born! Thank you everyone.

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My son was 6-months-old when I introduced him to the CLB routines as a result of appalling sleeping and eating habits (feeding every hour and sleeping no longer than 2 hours at a time). I had read the CLB book while I was pregnant and had been determined to put the routines in place right from early on. However when I bought Sam home I was so overwhelmed and so unsure about what I should be doing, that when the midwife came to see me and saw the book on the table and had a real go at Gina, I just caved when she said follow your baby's lead, he knows when he needs to sleep and eat. In retrospect it was the worst thing I could have done and lead to 6 months of hell. He is now a very contented baby; he eats well, sleeps well, loves new places, new people and new experiences, and I put this all down to the CLB routines. I joined the website at the same time as I started the routines and it has been an absolute lifesaver. Because Sam was already 6 months when I started, it was a very hard 3 or 4 weeks to get him settled in, and without the encouragement, support and advice I have received from the website, I would never have made it through to the wonderful place we are now. The CLB routines have given me the time and energy to enjoy being with my baby; so much so that I am now thinking: maybe we should start planning baby number 2 (whilst in the first 6 months I swore: "never again!")

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I have waited a long time for this website and have found it invaluable!!

My son has been a Gina Ford baby from just 6 hours old - he is now almost 3 years old - and is still a truly contented toddler. I truly don't know what I would have done without Gina and her baby bibles.

The website has added so many things. My top 5 are:
1. The chat rooms: They are like gold dust. I have learnt so much from the other moms and have been supported a lot in my potty training attempts!
2. Gina's obvious involvement and care with regards to members' problems
3. The superb "ask the experts" section
4. I love the fact that I can now refer friends of mine who have Contented Babies, here, for support and sharing of advice.
5. The website is providing fresh new information not found in Gina's books. For example: the articles Gina wrote on adapting the routine with a toddler and newborn (I am pregnant again), the lunch time nap, the brilliant recipes and the features on development and health.

I could wax lyrical about this website. It is a true godsend.

Top of this page is an absolute lifesaver. Every day I'm so grateful that I found Gina Ford and her routines; the fact that my baby is so happy and contented is down to the security he gets from his routine. We followed Gina's advice from day one, and have never regretted it for a second. Every evening, when the baby settles down for a good night's sleep at 7pm, I feel so glad that I am able to enjoy being a mother. Meeting other like-minded mothers on this site, and finding the kind of sensible, helpful advice I need, even for an easy baby like mine, has been a fantastic bonus. Thank you!!

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We moved to a new area when my baby was born and I left friends and family behind. Although my son and I have made lots of friends now, it was a lonely time. Having the contact with other mums on the website and being able to read so much about other people's experiences helped to support me through the early weeks. I used to go online several times a day and swap tips and stories with people. Thank you for being there during some difficult times!

PS: My son is now a perfect contented baby and I still look at the site most days. There's so much more to it than just routines and sleeping.

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I really love this site. Some of the questions and answers have been so relevant to my children, and there seem to be new ones up all the time!

Being in touch with other Gina mums is very comforting, and I feel we are almost a little (big) family (without the arguments!). There is always someone else who is going through the same situations as you are at the time, and there is always someone around to answer your questions or at least sympathise with you. I am really grateful to be part of a like-minded community with contented, happy children! If only it had existed a few years ago……

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We have just become members of and already the subscription has paid for itself a hundred times over, as our 4 month old daughter is now contented just like her bigger brother, following some useful advice we found on the site. Our son Jacob is now 2.5 and was born with a very severe case of Talipes (Clubfeet). Despite having to undergo 2 operations in two years, and be strapped up in plaster casts from toe to thigh for 18 months, and now wearing boots on a bar at night, he has been the most contented baby from very early on. For any other parent who questions whether Gina's routine's really can work when a child is ill or undergoing ongoing weekly hospital treatment like Jacob, I would fully endorse how successful Gina's methods are. Without the structure of the routine I believe my son would have had a more challenging couple of years than he has already undergone. Thanks to the routines Jacob is a happy little toddler who has overcome all the odds to walk just like his friends. Thanks to you all.

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I am a Gina Ford addict, and follow Gina's books and advice as best I can with this little madam of mine, who is now six months, and is to everyone's disbelief a happy contented wonderful baby. People can't believe what a happy child she is! Anyway just to say that I only got membership of this site yesterday but it has already made a fantastic difference and has lifted my spirits a lot.

Best £40 I have ever spent.

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Here here. I completely agree with you, I don't know how I coped before it!

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I also want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone, because it must be so boring reading my endless messages of doom regarding early morning waking, ear wax and food refusal (to name a few recent topics). I have found this forum to be utterly life-saving at times and I am so glad Gina went ahead with this idea. I wish it had come earlier but "good things come to those that wait ….".

Your messages cheer me up, and make me realise I am far from being the only one having a certain problem. There is also a really good sense of community.

I have received some really lovely, uplifting personal messages, and I am truly grateful as I am going through a really tough time being a first time mum, and sometimes feel really alone and "at sea" and clueless about what to do with my beloved baby girl. You guys make it much easier.

I also want to add that, since I joined I have found this whole site to be well and truly top value for money! I was a bit worried that the joining fee was quite high but I have to say it is worth every penny. The forum is just so so so handy and everyone is so helpful with advice and tips. The FAQ's are really good too. Before this site was launched, I have to say I felt like a bit of a loner doing the Gina method as not one other mother I know does it. Having been off work for the first time in years, it has been weird being at home and have sometimes found it quite lonely. But this site has genuinely helped that. The Parent Contact part of the forum is really good, as I have "met" some great MSN Messenger contacts, which is such a relief when you are "Home Alone" during the day and struggling with the routine.

Well done to Gina and her team for coming up with a great site!

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I don't post very much (mainly because I'm at work half the time), but I have to agree with everyone; there's always someone who can and will help, so thanks very much.

I hadn't posted on a website before this; and I've still never done it anywhere else! But if I'm not posting, I'm reading!

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Actually, I have to say, this site has gone a long way to keeping me on the right side of sane too.

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I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to this site and everyone on it.
I have solved so many problems through this site, from eating to what to do for playtime.

None of my friends and no one I know has Gina babies so you are all a real life line.

Seriously though, thanks to all for being there and coming up with good advice and of course, my biggest thanks to Gina- this must be a labour of love for you, and mentally, physically and emotionally draining, but we really get a lot out of it.

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I really couldn't do without you all! I am having such a bad bad bad day today with my two, so I have logged on here loads today and already feel calmer.
Anyway, thanks girls (and boys) for all your worldly wise thoughts and answers to what sometimes seems like never ending problems!

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