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I always knew I wanted to have a routine for both my children, having seen the success from friends with it. I'm an organised person, who really, really needs her sleep, so followed GF from the beginning. The Contented Baby book is great, but I needed a bit more support, especially as I didn't have a huge amount of family around, and had no idea what I was doing! I found out about the consultancy through TCB website, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that you actually get to speak to Gina.

I have consulted with Gina with both of my babies at different stages, and still speak to her now when I encounter a new challenge with my toddler.  Her expertise, experience and knowledge is unbelievable, there is nothing she does not know, or finds a solution for.

The value she delivers, I think is the best around, having someone available to you, every day, six days a week, is the most comforting gift that a new mother can have. Knowing I can whatsapp her for advice, and she is checking in with you during the day to make sure you are on course, is fantastic.

Keeping a record of sleep and milk shows you where patterns occur and what you need to do to achieve a baby who will soon be sleeping well. Gina can analyse these patterns and help pinpoint where bad habits have occurred, leading me to having a very happy baby.

Both my children, were sleeping well after a few months which meant my husband and I always had an evening to relax after they were in bed at 7pm, and it helped our relationship and let us be better parents.

Expect to work hard with Gina to get the results, but you will get the results.

I can't recommend the consultancy highly enough. I hear of friends using other sleep consultants, but without much success, and having paid extortionate amounts of money. Gina is amazing value for money, and it will be the best money any new parent could spend to have a smooth transition into family life.


I have been fortunate to have had the great help and advice from Gina. She is kind, caring, considerate and approaches any issues in a very professional way. She is always realistic and you know she is a hard worker with a no nonsense approach which worked so well for my family and I. When you speak to Gina, she always makes you feel at ease and realise we are not alone, many many mothers are going through similar issues to us.

I have had great opportunities to consult with Gina twice with my son in 2014, who had developed such bad sleep associations, including rocking, feeding, dummy etc you name it we were using it to enable my son to sleep. I was completely sleep deprived and had to do something fast. She helped me and my son developed great habits and I'm proud to say at the tender age of 3 he still sleeps very well and receive compliments all the time.

I also used Gina for weaning purposes as my son just wasn't taking to weaning even though I tried everything. Again, Gina came to the rescue and we resolved all issues and within weeks my son was weaned and onto proteins. All I can say is I will be using her again for my daughter who will be five months soon. My daughter is in a good routine, and it's all thanks to Gina, her books and her wealth of knowledge.

Gina always finds time for all her clients and never stops trying to help. She truly is an angel in my eyes and I'm very thankful I have had a good few opportunities to work alongside her and will continue to until I require. If anyone is struggling and sleep deprived and at the end of their tether... I suggest you give Gina a call - she will help and will make you feel better the only thing you will be asking yourself is why you didn't contact her sooner!!


Gina helped us with Cole for 2 years, we sorted a lot of issues early on from not taking a bottle, dummy addiction, early morning waking and potty training. She took it one stage at a time and persevered even when I was ready to give up. My proudest achievement was getting Cole potty trained in 4 days. We'd never have done it without her and we've never looked back.  Gina is the reason we have the best behaved little boy and a contented mummy.


After raising a text book Gina baby in my first born, I was faced with a very uncontended baby girl, who was unsettled from the start. She was diagnosed with Reflux and this meant keeping bottles down or sleeping was a challenge. We tried everything and things kept getting worse, from altering her formula, weaning and medication. She would sleep so badly during the day, making her so exhausted all day and then at night she would wake every 2 to 3 hours, even after her 11pm bottle resulting in her starting her day tired. I had to return to work when she was 6 months and I was utterly exhausted and I felt she was far from ready to go into childcare considering how unsettled she was. I felt completely helpless and utterly depleted when I contacted Gina.

One of the first things Gina said to me was 'all babies are different and we will sort her out'. The hard work started immediately, Gina changed her solids and also recommended I change her formula. We tackled her solid intake first as she was still on veg and fruit phase of Gina's weaning guide, but Gina pushed her up to protein and proper lunches and teas. She was a larger baby who needed more substantial meals. Everything was done with enough time for her to adjust and for Gina to make sure she didn't have any allergies or reactions to the newly introduced foods. I had to give daily routine logs of what exactly happened the previous day and I had constant contact with Gina who advised me throughout the day. I learned so much, even how important every 10ml of formula is and how overeating has to be watched as my little girl loves her food! Gina kept a close eye on every detail and taught me throughout the process so that I would be able to cope once the consultations were over. By week 5 we had a baby girl who was cooing and settled. Slept well during her afternoon nap and apart from a couple of inconsistent nights slept from 7pm to 6 am. Gina's approach was one that all aspects which could be causing her to be unsettled be eliminated i.e. food, milk consumption, stimulation, too little / too much day time sleep, teeth etc.. She made sure all my little girls needs were addressed, and soon as they all were, she completely changed, slept well during the day and at night and was a contented little baby during the day. Nothing was forced on her and she just fell into the routines once all was corrected. As Gina predicted, from 11 months old the 6 am started to move to 6:15 am, then 6:30 am and now at 15 months she sleeps 7 pm to 7 am with a 1,5 hr to 2 hr nap during the day. Everything Gina advised me would happen going forward was true and I simply applied her advise and we got through. We have the odd night, usually a tooth appears the next morning or is feeling poorly, where she needs me to reassure her, but the dramatic change and how its just improved even more as time went on has been astonishing and I think life altering. I now have two very good sleepers who are really happy little people, and as Gina told me, her aim is to have all round happy babies :).

I have always been a Gina Ford fan since how well my son got on with just her Contented Little Baby Book, Toddler years and Weaning Guide, but now that I have spoken and gotten to know her on some level, it has shown me how much Gina knows and how well she applies her knowledge. She really helped we gain some perspective when I was having hard days and also made my baby a priority in order to make her a happy baby. I have so much respect for Gina and her methods and I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs them. Gina can address the simplest of issues as well as help with challenging babies and circumstances like ours turned out to be.


My newborn baby was doing so well until 4 weeks old. All of a sudden she would scream hysterically when I went to put her to bed at 7pm. Every other bedtime was fine I couldn't figure it out. I had a personal consultation with Gina, and within 3 days she had corrected the issue, my baby was sleeping perfectly, & a few days later slept through the night for the first time (at 5.5 weeks old!) I couldn't believe it. Then at 6 weeks old, slept through the night continually. The consultation with Gina literally changed my life & saved my sanity. She is a genius when it comes to helping mothers & babies & truly devoted to making sure your baby is truly contented. I am so very grateful for the excellent advice & amazing help I received.

In the second year of my babies life, I came across some more challenges, & each time sort Gina's advice with a consultation. Each  time she helped me solve the issue.

Nothing is too much for Gina & she works around the clock to make sure she can help you.

I live in Australia & the time difference was never a problem for her, she would stay up to help me which was amazing.


I was an emotional wreck at the time I sought help from Gina. My son had suffered with acid reflux from 10 days old, which made getting him into a routine very difficult. At 6 months we were still co-sleeping at night and naps were a constant battle. I would rock, shush and cajole my screaming baby for up to an hour before every nap and at night.

Before Gina I followed the advice of a sleep consultant, which for me was a waste of time and money. My son was not responding well to their suggestions. It had been almost 2 weeks and all they said was to preserver. Whilst I had got my son sleeping in his cot there were several night wakings lasting up to an hour each, and things had gotten so bad he would scream just entering his nursery. I was at a loss when someone suggested Gina's books. At 7 months of age it was too late for me to try and get my son into Gina's routine without some expert guidance and I was amazed that Gina herself actually offered one-to-one consultations. Gina found the source of the problem immediately and within a few days had my baby sleeping through the night. Within the week he was soothing himself to sleep for all naps and at bedtime. He was taking 2 solid naps a day and both my son and myself were well rested and much happier. We began getting out of the house more and socialising and my son was very easy to handle as I knew exactly what he needed and when. Gina helped make parenting a joy and no longer a chore.

During the course of my consultation my son presented other obstacles, such as learning to stand up in his cot and crying because he didn't know how to lie back down. Gina helped me to handle all of these obstacles and more. I am so grateful for Gina's help and cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she had in our lives at such a difficult time.



Gina Ford Sleeping and Feeding Consultancy

Gina offers a personal telephone consultation service to parents of young babies and toddlers who are struggling with feeding and sleeping problems. If you're struggling, get in touch. Over the last twenty years Gina has helped over 10,000 parents resolve serious sleeping and feeding issues.

If you wish further details of how a personal one-to-one telephone consultation with Gina Ford works, we would request that in the first instance that you send a detailed feeding and sleeping diary for 48 hours, along with a concise summary of what you think your problem is, using this form. If Gina thinks she is able to help you we will contact you with details of the type of consultation Gina feels would be best for you, along with the cost of consultation.

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