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Gina offers a personal telephone consultation service to parents of young babies and toddlers who are struggling with feeding, sleeping and behavioural problems. Over the last twenty years Gina has helped over 10,000 parents resolve serious sleeping and feeding issues.

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We contacted Gina as we were desperate to help our baby, I had tried everything from Gina's books which had worked so well for our first child.

But nothing seemed to work for our second. Our daughter has had multiple problems since she was born, we eventually discovered at 5.5 months that she had a milk protein allergy, and at seven months that she had multiple food allergies. This resulted in her being a baby who could not sleep, and who had screamed continually since she was born. It was soul destroying to not be able to comfort my baby and the lack of sleep was also having a massive effect on our two year old, my husband and myself.

The level of support you get from Gina is amazing. It is succinct, clear, and insightful advice. Gina is not intimidating, and is lovely to talk to.

The main thing which I think is not conveyed within the media and within her books is that her methods are always about the baby.

By monitoring my daughters sleep and feeding, then gently altering her sleeping patterns, and teaching me how to deal with night time waking's correctly, she managed to get her to sleep through the night. It was hard work, but certainly worth it as my daughter is now a fantastic sleeper, no longer unhappy, and totally content.

If you are struggling with sleeping and feeding problems, we really do recommend a consultation with Gina, it was certainly the right decision for our family.


Gina Ford was truly invaluable to us for the first three years of my son’s life. She was a wonderful support on so many levels for me and my family. We first reached out to her because my son was eating all day long and never napping, barely sleeping 2 hours at a time for his first 6-8 weeks of life. Within in 2 days of working with Gina she figured out what the problem was and guided us on to a perfect schedule for our son. He started sleeping and within a few weeks he was sleeping from 11pm-7am. Many people would always comment how calm and contented our son was. And those who saw him from 0-8 weeks and then after we started working with Gina, commented on how he seemed like such a different baby - so content and rarely fussy. I truly believe that was because of our work with Gina, her guidance regarding eating, sleeping, breastfeeding, cooking, activities, childcare, and just guidance for motherhood. On top of all this, we travel quite a bit and Gina would plan out schedules for us to help us help our son change time zones and get his needs met as we traveled.  Her guidance allowed us to travel about as our life required but at the same time meeting our son’s needs and keeping him content through predictability with the schedules Gina would draw out for us.  And she went above and beyond when we were traveling, making herself available at all times of day to assist us if we were having trouble with any time change or if things went awry. I just can’t say enough about Gina. The fact that we worked with her for 3 whole years, and note my son was sleeping and eating great within weeks of us working with Gina, we simply kept working with her because I found her to be an exceptional resource that made me feel confident as a mother and feel confident that my son was being fed well, stimulated but not overstimulated, sleeping amazing, and just truly that I was meeting his basic needs. Gina truly became my confidant and friend through all our work together, I truly enjoyed our chats every time we would catch up or need to discuss schedules or baby/toddler issues. She was always encouraging me as a mother and providing positive feedback to encourage me along the motherhood path. Her guidance builds the foundation for resilient children that know how to self sooth and are aware of their feelings and emotions, as well as creating a healthy attachment for parent and child.  Our son is almost 4 years old, and her advice is still pertinent today and guides us through how we feed, assist his healthy sleep patterns, and how we provide confident, responsive, and compassionate parenting each and every day. I give her book 'The Contented Baby' to all new moms I know.  And her books have also helped my sister and many friends with creating healthy sleep patterns and eating habits for their babies.


Early Morning Waking help 
Gina helped us with our daughter who was waking earlier and earlier at around 8-9 months old. Gina began by really shaping our day time routine better so that we had the right sleeps and the enough of the right foods at the right time - protein for lunch, carbs for dinner and a proper distribution of milk. Importantly she gently helped us realise that small shifts in timings could have a huge effect on a better routine with a knock on effect on sleep. Perhaps most importantly, she helped us realise that despite our best efforts we had  created many sleep associations (Sleepyhead, comforter, bottle of milk to sleep) which were then affecting our baby's ability to find their sleep again when they came into a light sleep at 5am. 

Throughout, Gina's guidance and expertise was brilliant. Between phone calls and WhatsApp she was alongside us all the way and kept us on track. She was kind, relaxed, uniquely experienced, wise, understanding and practical. Frankly, there is no-one like her and any sense of a didactic parent led routine is totally misplaced- the baby's wellbeing now and in the long term is her absolute priority. Sleep is so fundamental to long term learning and mental health and she has helped us establish a really solid routine; not a quick fix. I'm eternally grateful!


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