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Welcome to the summer edition of our newsletter which is full of useful tips and advice. I hope you're all enjoying some sunny days with your families and that you've been able to spend some relaxing time together whether you're at home or away over the holiday period.

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New Recipe

The Best Homemade Lamb Burgers

This month our delicious recipe taken from Feeding Made Easy. These burgers are lightened by the addition of some oats and are great for a summer barbeque. Serve in pitas or soft wholemeal rolls with salad and hummus.
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Top Tips

How to adjust to holidays in a different time zone
We travelled lots with our first LO from when she was 6 months old...
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Struggling with separation anxiety at crèche
The only advice I have is that you insist that the same person is with her...

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8 months old refusing a spoon
I had to resort to spreading his lovingly prepared purees onto slices of toast...
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What do you do when their room is really hot at night time?
At night we keep the blackout but have now bought each boys room a tower fan...
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Small teat causing wind in bottlefed baby?
Yes a teat that's too small can cause wind...
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Q & A - Expert tips

Almond milk for toddlers?

My son has got a cow's milk allergy, and cannot tolerate soy and goat milk...
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Sandwich ideas for summer picnics
Sandwiches are universally popular, easy to prepare and transport...

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Basic good sleep practice
There are several things you can do to make sure that you have the best environment to encourage good sleep habits...

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How can I encourage my child to develop an interest in reading books?
My son is 3.5 years old and would much rather play!...

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Reasons to be cheerful
My daughter is seven months old and I have tried to follow the routines from birth...

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