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The award-winning SnoozeShade range of sun and sleep shades was born when Cara Sayer, a British mother, became frustrated with hanging blankets over her pram in an attempt to help her baby sleep when out and about.
Cara soon realised that she wasn't alone and that other parents would welcome a solution to this common problem. Unable to find a product that worked, she set about inventing one herself...

SnoozeShade Original, the world's first sun and sleep shade for single prams that helps baby sleep on-the-go while also offering excellent sun protection, launched in March 2010 and was an immediate success as mums recommended it to each other and word spread that it worked.

Since then new members of the SnoozeShade family have been introduced as parents have asked for different versions to use in different situations - there are now SnoozeShade sun and sleep shades for prams, infant car seats and travel cots. The new Deluxe collection - a premium version of the existing best-sellers - will be available from June.

In just three years, we have a range of products that help babies get the sleep they need wherever they need it and we are helping parents all around the world from London to Sydney ensure they have a happy and well-rested baby.

Some of the things parents have said:
"SnoozeShade has cured all our problems - just pop it over the pushchair and he will sleep"

"SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats is an essential bit of kit for anyone with a baby. My 3 month old manages to keep asleep that little bit longer, fantastic for maintaining routine and ensuring baby does not get over tired. A major plus is also the fact that the shade has a UV filter"

"We absolutely recommend SnoozeShade for Travel Cots if you have to travel often and your little one is disrupted by light levels.  More sleep for baby = more sleep for us = happier travelling for all"

We hope it makes your life easier too.


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